4 tips on how to eat food Far away from diseases

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With today’s lifestyles, people like to order food through various delivery apps. and increasingly turn to cooking their own food Giving importance to hygiene Cleanliness of ingredients and various food menus Therefore, it is something that should not be overlooked. especially During the rainy season there are many causes of various diseases such as respiratory tract infections. A group of infectious diseases caused by mosquitoes as vectors. Including the group of gastrointestinal infections. If we don’t take care of protecting ourselves well. สมัคร ufabet

We’ve put together some tips for eating safely. Here are some easy-to-make recipes to help enhance nutrition and good health for everyone in the family.

  1. Always eat freshly cooked food to prevent gastrointestinal disorders that often come with the rainy season, such as diarrhea and food poisoning. Avoid eating raw food or cooking with heat over 100 degrees Celsius. Drinking water It should also be boiled first. To prevent germs that come with humidity in the rainy season.
  2. Clean and keep ingredients fresh. Before cooking, wash vegetables, fruits, and all types of ingredients thoroughly. Store in an appropriate way. To help extend life and maintain nutritional value for a longer time. Storing meat and seafood Should be washed and dried before putting in the refrigerator. Put them in a box with a tight lid or a ziplock bag to maintain freshness. For fresh vegetables, you should separate them by type first. Then wrap it completely in paper or plastic. And fruits should be stored in ziplock bags or plastic boxes with ventilation holes to keep the fruits from getting damp. Fruits and vegetables should not be stored in the same bag because ripe fruits release ethylene gas. Makes vegetables that are close to each other spoil faster.
  3. Clean kitchen equipment thoroughly. Various kitchen equipment that were stored in a drawer or hanging Should be washed thoroughly before use. To prevent fungus and germs For equipment used on the table, such as spoons and forks, after cleaning Should be used to dry or dry. You should definitely not use a cloth towel. To prevent contamination by germs
  4. Avoid cooked food that has been left out for too long. Cooked food that has been stored for more than 2 hours should be thoroughly reheated before eating again. Cooked food that has been left out for more than 4 hours should not be eaten without reheating. If you have purchased food and have not eaten it immediately Should be stored in the refrigerator. and warm until boiling before eating. Cooked food should not be kept in the refrigerator for more than 2-3 days. Additionally, if food is forgotten or left in a very hot place, such as in the car, for more than 3-4 hours, it should not be eaten again. Because bacteria may already be growing.