“Dengue Fever” and 5 ways to protect yourself and your children

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Dengue fever outbreak is spread by Aedes mosquitoes. It is important to destroy the breeding grounds of Aedes mosquitoes. Pond water source in the house Prevent mosquito bites by sleeping under a mosquito net. And go see a doctor when you’re sick and follow the instructions.

Contagion of dengue fever

Dr. Somsak Attasin, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, revealed that dengue fever is caused by infection with the dengue virus that comes from the saliva of mosquitoes that bite people who have had dengue fever before. When a person is bitten by a mosquito and is infected with the dengue virus, they may have few or no symptoms. But it was found that approximately 2 – 4 percent of people who were bitten by mosquitoes developed symptoms called “Dengue fever” or commonly known as “Dengue Fever”: Patients will have high fever, body pain, lethargy, unable to eat, vomiting, stomach pain, and there may be bleeding from various organs. and the symptoms were severe enough to cause shock If not diagnosed and treated in time, it will lead to death. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

How to prevent dengue fever

Dr. Pra-on Supradit Na Ayutthaya, Pediatrics – Infectious Diseases, Queen Sirikit National Institute of Children’s Health , Department of Medical Services, said that prevention of dengue fever is important.

  1. Protect yourself and your children from mosquito bites by sleeping under a mosquito net.
  2. Apply mosquito repellent
  3. Help eliminate and destroy breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes, such as stagnant water sources in the home. This is something that must be done regularly.
  4. You should see a doctor if you are sick, have a fever, have a headache, have body aches, have a rash, or have a bleeding condition such as bleeding spots on the body. To monitor symptoms and follow the doctor’s advice. Severe cases of dengue fever are more likely to go into shock when the fever starts to subside. Parents should not be careless. Other symptoms should be monitored, such as fatigue, lethargy, not being able to eat, vomiting, stomach pain. If you have any of these symptoms, even if the fever has begun to subside, you should see a doctor. 
  5. The dengue vaccine is effective and safe. In people who have already been sick with dengue fever Therefore, it is another option to prevent dengue fever. The World Health Organization recommends vaccination for those aged 9-45 years who have evidence of previous dengue fever virus infection.