What type of people do “mosquitoes” like to bite?

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Many people used to sit together. But some people complain about being bitten by mosquitoes all the time. But another person said that they haven’t seen any mosquito bites? If you say that the person smells bad and hasn’t showered, it may not always be true. But it’s not 100% wrong. Why do we say this? What types of people do mosquitoes really like to bite? Are there any ways to help minimize mosquito bites? Let’s have a look. http://ufabet999.com

What type of people do “mosquitoes” like to bite?

  1. People who sweat a lot Besides the smell of sweat There is also the issue of skin temperature as it tries to release heat through sweat.
  2. People with skin temperatures that are hotter than other people It may not always refer to people who are sick with a fever.
  3. people exercising In addition to being drenched in sweat, it also comes with carbon dioxide that is exhaled while peeing. If you exercise in the evening, In a humid, overcast park, you are likely to be swarmed by mosquitoes.
  4. Children’s skin looks and smells more attracted to mosquitoes than adult skin.
  5. Women are more likely than men to be bitten by mosquitoes. because of different hormones
  6. People who wear dark, dark clothes or striped clothes that are clearly contrasting between dark and light colors. People who wear brightly colored clothes will be bitten by more mosquitoes.
  7. People with sweaty feet or not cleaning feet Because most mosquitoes like to bite the legs more than the arms by following the smell of sweat from the feet.

How to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes

  1. Use mosquito repellent, whether it be sprayed, applied, smoked, released, or vaporized, whatever you can find.
  2. Choose to wear bright colored clothes.
  3. Take a shower to clean your body. sweat free and heat accumulates on the skin
  4. Avoid places where mosquitoes are likely to congregate, such as humid, dark places, near water, in forests, next to grass, if absolutely necessary. In addition to bright colored clothes You may wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, or find a thin cloth. Come cover yourself more.
  5. Install mosquito nets, netting, shutters, or screens on windows in your home. And don’t leave the side door open in the evening. Or dusk allows mosquitoes to enter the house.
  6. Destroy mosquito breeding grounds inside the home, such as saucers, potted plants, bowls, and basins with water standing outside the home. Water blister without a lid Pet rice bowls, vases, etc.

In addition to mosquito bites causing us to have a burning, itchy wound for several days, they are also the cause of many contagious diseases. (varies according to the species of mosquito) such as dengue fever , encephalitis, malaria, elephantiasis, or even the Zika virus. Therefore, don’t think of mosquito bites as a joke. It’ll disappear again. It’s better to be careful not to get bitten by mosquitoes.