What type of sore throat is the risk of “tonsillitis”?

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It is believe that the abnormalities in the body that seem to be minor but annoying Bully will make us unable to eat, can’t sleep every time. I can’t escape the sore throat. Whether it’s a sore throat from minor causes such as using too much noise. or from flu symptoms But if it’s a sore throat that comes from “Tonsillitis” It may not be as minor as you think.

Sore throat is cause by what?

Most of the time, the sore throat that we live with is usually caus by a viral infection. which accompanies the flu with mild to moderate sore throat Slightly more difficult to swallow food But still enough to eat The sore throat will get better. If drinking warm water or some herbal juices that have soothing properties

Another cause may be a temporary sore throat. It may come from the throat. or using too much noise causing the vocal cords to become inflamed If reducing the use of sound sore throat symptoms will improve The intensity depends on the use of each person’s voice.

But if it’s a sore throat from tonsillitis It may be more serious than the viral infection that comes with the common cold. And must be properly treate symptoms will improve

What is Tonsillitis?

Tonsillitis is a condition in which the tonsils in the throat become infected with a type of bacteria. Human-to-human contact via respiratory droplets or saliva of the patient into the body or exposure to bacteria from saliva or phlegm attached to items that the patient touches and then came to take food into his mouth or inhaled through the nose

What are the symptoms of tonsillitis?

Tonsillitis patients There will be mild to moderate sore throat, there may be pus, but there will be no sore throat when swallowing food.