Yawning Mango, Manao Ho, has over 50 medicinal properties.

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If talking about fruits in our house that have medicinal properties, there are many types. But there is one type of name that catches the ear so much that ” mango yawns, lime boo “. Many people who have heard this name are still wondering. All in all, it’s a mango. or a lemon So why are you yawning and yelling? But in reality, this fruit is neither a mango nor a lemon as imagined. The origin of the name was set by academics to promote agriculture. By adding that this name is in line with the name of the fruit in the literature, Nang Twelve, in the episode of Phra Cari , where one part of the story talks about fresh fruit that has a sour taste. To the extent that it makes a sleepy person feel rejuvenated and awakened instantly. http://ufabet999.com

Mango yaw, lime boo is consider a popular fruit that has been watch in the past 2-3 years . Manao doesn’t know how to shout, which if called for a short time It’s more likely to be in the mouth. This fruit has receive the attention of people who love health very much because in the medical community. Research has been found that it has medicinal properties as many as 50 when it is used to treat diseases. Or take it along with modern medicine, it will have better results.

Important properties of “Mango Yawning Manao Boo”

I see it as a matter of prevent cancer Because within this fruit is high in antioxidants. Help nourish the blood. slow down aging prevent heart disease Dilate the blood vessels, treat the lungs, including the symptoms of emphysema, it can alleviate it better. With that in mind, it’s no surprise why the oddly named fruit is so popular. Even if you have to find it to buy and eat As well as finding it to be plant as an ornamental plant in the house area as well.

From those who like herbs, give us more knowledge that ” mango yawning lemon boo ” can be use from all parts of the trunk. And there is still a small part to know that mango yawning lemon boo is actually each tree Or is it a different plant? Different species, with ‘mango yawning’ is cashew, while ‘lime boo’ is red thorns, both of which have many properties and help nourish the body equally well. To bring clarity to the next level We have information from botanical garden organization Let’s expand the differences between these 2 plants…