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“Foot pain, leg pain” from walking or standing for a long time.

Whenever we have an activity that requires us to walk or stand for a long time, such as walking around the provinces. or abroad Or even walking or running for exercise for beginners that may cause pain and suffering. Many people often walk into the bathroom, turn on

4 tips on how to eat food Far away from diseases

With today’s lifestyles, people like to order food through various delivery apps. and increasingly turn to cooking their own food Giving importance to hygiene Cleanliness of ingredients and various food menus Therefore, it is something that should not be overlooked. especially During the rainy season there are many causes of various

“Dengue Fever” and 5 ways to protect yourself and your children

Dengue fever outbreak is spread by Aedes mosquitoes. It is important to destroy the breeding grounds of Aedes mosquitoes. Pond water source in the house Prevent mosquito bites by sleeping under a mosquito net. And go see a doctor when you’re sick and follow the instructions. Contagion of dengue fever Dr.

What type of people do “mosquitoes” like to bite?

Many people used to sit together. But some people complain about being bitten by mosquitoes all the time. But another person said that they haven’t seen any mosquito bites? If you say that the person smells bad and hasn’t showered, it may not always be true. But it’s not

Yawning Mango, Manao Ho, has over 50 medicinal properties.

If talking about fruits in our house that have medicinal properties, there are many types. But there is one type of name that catches the ear so much that ” mango yawns, lime boo “. Many people who have heard this name are still wondering. All in all, it’s

10 good benefits of “basil” to prevent heart disease

“Basil”, in addition to being a close relative of , it also helps to add flavor to food. and smell more appetizing and is beneficial to the body as well But don’t confuse it with holy actually has a different taste and smell than holy basil. And also has different health

4 danger signs “Gallbladder stones” and how to treat them

According to big companies Employees often have health checkups , body x-rays. Or ultra sound on a regular basis. Which is consider a very good thing for us to know the possibility of our body whether it is still normal or not. But inste of being comfortable turn out to be more

What type of sore throat is the risk of “tonsillitis”?

It is believe that the abnormalities in the body that seem to be minor but annoying Bully will make us unable to eat, can’t sleep every time. I can’t escape the sore throat. Whether it’s a sore throat from minor causes such as using too much noise. or from flu