Former Manchester City defender reveals why Manchester United

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Former Manchester City defender reveals why Manchester United won’t win Premier League title this season.

Former Manchester City defender Micah Richards has revealed why Manchester United are unable to win the Premier League title this season.

The Red Devils under the Erik ten Hag era are doing great. They currently rank third in the table, 2 and 5 points behind Manchester City and Arsenal.

However, Richards sees that Manchester United does not have a real center forward. Goalkeepers will keep them from winning the Premier League. This season questioning strikers Wout Weghorst and Marcus Rashford.

“The only problem I see for Manchester United is the number nine,” Richards

”Wauth Weghorst is a good player, he can drop into the game. But the question is Will he produce enough goals to put that team on course for the title?”

”Marcus Rashford did a great job. But will he be able to maintain his good form until the end of the season?”

Arsenal are getting Gabriel Jesus back. While have Erling Haaland and world champion Julian Alvarez on the bench. The Red Devils play their first Europa League play-off leg at Camp Nou after beating Leeds United on Sunday. But this game they will be without the Bayern Munich-loan midfielder in midfield as he received a one-match ban for playing in last year’s Champions League group stage