Liverpool 2-0 Everton: Collecting issues after the Premier League match

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Liverpool 2-0 Everton: Collecting issues after the Premier League match, the Merseyside derby, the Reds return to form.

Gakpo debuts in the first tung

One of the key highlights in this game was the second goal of the Reds. Although it may not be very important. But that was the first goal for the Reds of the Netherlands attacker Cody Gakpo. After moving in early January, the gun was still unable to score a single goal. Until today, Trent Alexander-Arnold managed to open his first score successfully by tapping in Trent Alexander-Arnold’s open ball. Which seemed to be nothing but Corner Coady. Let go of it stubbornly until it reaches the second pole. That Gakpo is already waiting for.

Two from the counter game

In fact, today I have to admit that Liverpool themselves didn’t play that well. Although they were more possession of the ball, but were still lacking enough in the beginning. In addition, they were almost hit by James Tarkowski. Who hit the post, bounced into the Reds’ way, made a counter-attack game, and was Nuñez. Who fell to the left. Before opening precisely into the middle, Salah shoots softly, while the second goal has to be credited to Robbo for catching the press before shooting outward. Which came into Trent’s working range, just right, opened through the defensive line of the visiting team, arrived at Kakpo and shot on goal.

Everton is not as fierce as the previous match.

Many Liverpool fans who saw Ford’s debut for Sean Dyce will have to admit there was a bit of a chill after beating leaders Arsenal with a brilliant performance. Especially the 3-coordinated midfield panel like Abdoulai, Ducoure, Andre Onana and Ghana Gay, but in this game it’s not like that, all three of them can’t control the game in the middle of the field as well as the previous match. But it turned out to be Bajsetic and Fabinho, who played outstandingly until they could control the center of the field in their hands, plus the absence of Dominic Calvert Levin had an even more obvious effect because without you team sky Long balls or set play balls are so lacking in danger that they cannot put pressure on the Reds defensive line.

The hope of being in the top 4 is back again.

From 3 points in this match for Liverpool. Although they still rank 9th in the table with 32 points from 21 games played, 9 points behind 4th place Newcastle, but has played more than 1 game, which If hitting round the game, the residual game. If the Reds can win, the gap will be only 6, plus the next match, Jurgen Klopp’s team has a queue to visit St. James Park, and if there is a chance to win the gap There will be 3 points left. Listen and look hopeful immediately. But if they lose, it means that they will be at least 9 points away from Newcastle. Therefore, 2 important games, both remaining matches against Wolves And the next game against Newcastle they have no choice but to win one place for their chance of finishing in the top 4 this season!