Romeu resigns as Barcelona vice-president.

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Eduard Romeu has confirmed his resignation from his position as Barcelona‘s economic vice president after three-and-a-half years in the job.

Eduard Romeu is the 34th executive to confirm his resignation from his role. As vice president of economics in the three and a half years since Joan Laporta was re-elected as club president. Again, according to a report from ‘Diario Sport’ last Thursday.UFABET

Laporta brings in Romeu to oversee Barcelona’s monetary policy as vice president of economic affairs. But he decided to resign from his position last Thursday. There was a disagreement between the club’s commitments and his role at a time. When the Azulgrana were dealing with a complicated financial situation.

Barcelona’s 34 executives have been fired and resigned for various reasons, whether personal, professional or performance-related. Until it was questioned why various operations were not successful. Even though there were so many changes in senior executives. 

According to the report, Laporta is likely to hold a press conference soon to explain the changes to the club’s structure. Including Eduard Romeu’s decision to resign from his position. As well as two issues that have been criticized. Especially the Espai Barça project to improve the Camp Nou stadium and surrounding landscape. and the club’s financial department