Top Premier League teams are keeping an eye on Gubarsi.

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Barcelona‘s 17-year-old defender Pau Gubarsi is being scouted by several top Premier League clubs. ‘Diario Sport’ reported on Thursday that three leading Premier League clubs, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United are all keeping an eye on Pao Gubarsi. The 17-year-old rising star of Manchester United. Barcelona, ​​which has a release clause of just 10 million euros, like Manchester City have been trying to sign the player since last summer.

Gubarsi has made a name for himself by playing with Barcelona’s first team this season. He made an outstanding performance in the latest game, beating Napoli 3-1 on the stage of the Champions League Round of 16, second leg. last Tuesday Especially dealing with Victor Osimhen, the visiting team’s Nigerian striker from Naples, until he was unable to relieve his danger and received Man of the Match as a reward for his performance.UFABET

Gubarsi is currently under contract until 2026 but has a release clause of just €10 million. Which is considered a bargain for an English club. The 17-year-old defender is the target of interest from Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United, as well as the Blues.

But Gubarsi is keen to continue playing for his boyhood club. While Barcelona are keen to strike a long-term deal with the player to increase his salary and move his release clause above. The club was originally from England. 

However, according to La Liga rules, they cannot deal players under 18 with contracts of no more than three years. If Barcelona wants to make a longer deal. The club will have to wait until Gubarsi turns 18 on January 22, 2025.