Nemanja Matic informs Rennes that he wants to transfer this month.

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Local French sports media revealed that Nemanja Matic informed Rennes of his desire to transfer to another club this month.

The Serbian midfielder’s future remains uncertain after French media reported a possible transfer this month as he adapts to life in the city. And some trends mention matters in the team ทางเข้า UFABET 

Recently, Ouest France, a local media outlet in northwestern France revealed that. Matic has informed Rennes of his desire to part ways this month.

The publication further stated that Matic’s children are unhappy with their life in Brittany. As a result, the former Chelsea and Manchester United midfielder is ready to move teams to find a solution for his own family.

It is considered bad news for Rennes because the report reveals that. The club still wants to continue using Matic after the player joined the team in the middle of last year. But due to personal problems, the club had no choice.

In the past, there were reports that Olympique Lyon was interested in negotiating. But you have to look at Matic’s attitude, still wanting to continue playing in France. Or would you rather move abroad?