Nagelsmann confirms Pavlovic recall based on performance.

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Aleksandar Pavlovic has been called up to the Germany national football team. Following the 19-year-old midfielder’s performance, the Eagles boss has confirmed.

Julian Nagelsmann, the coach of the German national team revealed that. The reason for calling Aleksandar Pavlovic to the latest team of the Eagles was based on the performance of the 19-year-old midfielder. Not related to political decisions. But Somehow, according to a report from Sky Germany last Thursday.UFABET 

Pavlovic has burst onto the scene for Bayern Munich this season, rising to play a key role in coach Thomas Tuchel’s side. Until he was called up to the Germany national team by Nagelsmann. The latest team is in line to play warm-up games against France and the Netherlands during next week.

Nagelsmann originally had no plans to call.

Pavlovic to the German national team in March. They will let the players make their name and gain experience with the U-21 team first, but Serbia, the ancestral nation of the 19-year-old midfielder, has made more inroads. By sending a representative to talk with Pavlovic and the player’s family to convince the player to choose to play with the Serb team.

Although Serbia’s offensive search for players was an important factor that caused Nagelsmann to immediately adjust his plan to call Pavlovic to the latest set of Iron Eagles. But the 36-year-old insists the decision to call him up to the Germany squad was based on the 19-year-old midfielder’s performance and not a political decision.

Nagelsmann said.

‘He has shown very strong performances recently. He is one of Bayern’s best players. Of course, this was not a political decision. We don’t need to convince him. That is the result of the operating principle. Let’s see if it will be enough to compete in the Euro or not. He speaks in the dressing room and is not shy even at such a young age,’

Nagelsmann also explained the reason for not calling up Leon Goretzka, the 29-year-old midfielder of Bayern Munich, in the latest list. ‘The decision was not between Pavlovic and Goretz. Zka’

‘In the last few games, Leon has become more stable again. But it’s also about finding the right player for the role.’

‘I still see other players in front at the moment. It was time to find the right position for the backline. But of course the door isn’t always closed. He’s frustrated, but in the end I have to make a decision.’